A New Type of Sweeping

We Review the Bagup + Broom Combo Pack

Paige Estigarribia

The Dollar Stretcher was sent a Bagup + Broom Combo Pack to facilitate this review. The Dollar Stretcher received no compensation for this review. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

Sweeping can sometimes be a tedious chore, and bending down each time to scoop dirt and dust can, for different people, sometimes be hard on your back. We were excited to try out the Bagup + Broom Combo pack to see if it would make sweeping a little easier. Here's our opinion:

A Little About the Bagup + Broom Combo Pack

The Bagup + Broom Pack comes disassembled in a box with easy assembly instructions. Once put together, the combo pack comes with a broom and the Bagup, which is a tool designed to hold the bag. The box also comes with illustrated instructions on taking apart the Bagup, so that you can remove full bags and equip it with a fresh bag. According to the product literature, the Bagup holds three times more dirt than the average dustpan, and it uses standard kitchen and grocery bags.

It works as a regular broom and dustpan would work, except that both the broom and the Bagup are on a stick. So to use the bag up, you can clean while standing - simply place the Bagup right in front of the broom and pile of dust, and sweep it right in. No bending necessary! And according to the Bagup site and product leaflet, the Bagup can also be used as a pet stool pickup tool too for backyard cleanup. The Bagup site even offers a rake to go with the Bagup, if you might find that a rake, over a broom, would better suit your needs.

What We Liked About the Bagup

We really liked the fact that you don't have to bend over to use the Bagup! And you can also use it as you would a regular dustpan, but because it's a bag, it holds a lot more dust and dirt. The Bagup is a great tool perfect for quick cleanups, without bending over to scoop with a dustpan.

We also liked the fact that the Bagup is made to fit regular grocery or kitchen bags, making it a great product for recycling all those extra bags from the store. The bags are easy to remove and replace, and the handles for both the Bagup and the broom easily unscrew if you wanted to bend over to get large or hard to manage messes.

What to Think About before Purchasing a Bagup + Broom Combo Pack

In our opinion, one thing we noticed about the Bagup broom was that it was a just a wee bit short, and this might be something to consider for taller individuals. It is great for working in tandem with the Bagup, but it might be a little short to use it for other sweeping chores. For a few stubborn messes, we had to sweep a little harder, but we have to do that with a regular broom and dustpan sometimes too. And sometimes we found that the dust would slide under the Bagup, depending on the kind of dirt or mess, but again, this happens sometimes with other brooms and dustpans too.

And that's it! Overall, we found the Bagup + Broom Combo to be a good addition to household cleaning tools, that takes the strain off your back when you are sweeping up messes.

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