These little travel freebies make for a more enjoyable trip!

Free Things You Can Get While Traveling

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Travel Freebies

Our family is going to spend Christmas with my brother's family. We'll be flying into LAX and then renting a car for the time we're visiting. My friends who travel a lot say that there are a lot of little free things you can get while traveling if you just know to ask for them, such as a second bag of pretzels or those little wing pins for the kids. What other freebies are available when you're traveling? We want to make the most of this trip even if we're tight on funds.

Free International Calls

When I travel (and I do a lot for business), I use my tablet for free international calls as long as I have a Wi-Fi connection. Skype is my favorite, but I've done Google Hangouts, too. Why pay international phone rates? Occasionally we do have some problems if there's not enough bandwidth, but then we shut down the video side and just use the audio. Still just as good as a phone call!

Free Breakfast

When I was traveling for work, it was always nice when a hotel had a free breakfast buffet. Now that I'm traveling with a family (three kids), I specifically look for deals on hotels that offer breakfast for free. Even at a fast food place, it's easy to spend $4 or $5 per person for breakfast. If you go to a sit down restaurant, $50 is probably the least you'll spend, so having breakfast on the hotel gets my day off to a great start.

At The Airport

I know that this works when you have a long layover, but I'm not sure if it would work otherwise. When I have a 2+ hour layover, I visit the airport information desk. Often they'll have a free city tour you can take. It's nothing fancy, but you do get to see a bit of the city and it's much better than hanging around an airport lounge. I also make a point of stopping at the visitor center to ask about any freebies if I'm staying in town for a day or two. They're always happy and proud to tell me about their city. It's not all free, but it's still worth taking the time to ask.

Museum Reciprocal Pass

We always buy an annual pass to our local museums. We have three and like to visit them each at least once a year. So it's a good deal. Last summer, we were on vacation and had an extra day. We decided to visit a local natural history museum. To our surprise, they honored our local museum pass. It seems that many museums honor each other's passes. So if you have a pass and are away from home, you might have a free museum visit.

Ask the Pilot

We were getting off the airplane when I noticed that there were two kids peaking in the doorway. I was surprised and said something to the attendant. She told me that most captains are happy to let kids get an idea of what the cockpit looks like. They have to stay with the plane, so it doesn't take any of their time. And most pilots like to encourage kids who might want to become pilots when they grow up. So if you're not rushing for a connecting flight, ask the flight attendant if you could look inside the cockpit. It's really a fascinating place!

Just Ask!

If you are staying at a hotel, be sure to sign up for their loyalty program and ask if there are any special things for children. Often loyalty programs provide free bottle water or free internet. On a recent splurge trip with our granddaughters, we stayed at a Kimpton hotel. By asking about their children's program, we were able to make free s'mores each night. Plus, we got to have a gold fish in a bowl in the room. The grandchildren loved both things. We also got a free glass of wine when we arrived and free coffee and tea each morning.

The main thing is to just ask! If you don't ask, you'll never know what might be available.

Also, check out visitors' bureaus for the location you're going to see if there are any special deals or items that you can access.

Ask the Flight Attendant

Everyone knows that airlines have become real cheap lately, so I really want to get my money's worth when I fly. Lately, I've gotten in the habit of asking for a full can of soda or an extra bag of peanuts. It's not much, but it feels like a little victory!

Two Articles to Read

Check out these two articles. The first article is from on in-flight freebies and the second is from on freebies still offered by airlines.

Do a Search

My fiance and I like to take weekend trips to cities that we've never seen before. Part of the fun for us is to see how much we can experience without spending a lot. Naturally, we look for last minute plane and hotel deals. But one thing that works well for us is to do a search for "free stuff to do in ______" for the city that we're visiting. There's always a site or a local newspaper article with places that we wouldn't have known about. We get to see something different and usually come back with some great stories for our friends. We're having so much fun that I'm thinking of blogging about our travels!

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