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2014 Decorating Styles for the Frugal

by Veronica Bowman

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Decorating trends are constantly changing. Many times, those changes do not coincide with a frugal lifestyle. However, a look at the 2014 home decor trends indicates that this is the time for frugal shoppers to seize the opportunity to update their decor without abandoning their frugal spending habits.

According to House Beautiful magazine, designers indicate that blue is the color to include in your decor in 2014. Navy is predicted to be exceptionally popular, but all shades of blue are receiving considerable attention. Metallic gold and silver accents are also part of the new trend. Metallic accessories contrast beautifully with dark colored walls and upholstery. Keep in mind that spray paint can be used to transform dull accent pieces into shiny accent items. Repainting a room or painting an accent wall is a relatively inexpensive, simple DIY project.

Bright colors are replacing the boring neutrals that have ruled for quite some time. Even the most frugal shopper can find ways to bring bold, bright colors to a room. Floral print or brightly colored fabric can be used to cover the accent pillows you currently have. Artificial flowers are inexpensive. In fact, you can easily find them at most dollar stores. Add them to table tops throughout your home to brighten up a room. When warm weather arrives, plant a cutting garden and you can have fresh flowers in your home throughout the summer.

Vintage items or unique accent pieces are considered a trendy way to personalize a home. Search through some of the things you have packed away and you may find something that can now be considered vintage or unique. Rather than store it, you can now proudly display it as part of your updated decor. It's quite likely that you can find something ideal for your new decor at an estate sale, consignment shop, moving sale, or flea market. You might want to take advantage of the many ways to convert photos of your family, pets, or vacation scenes into wall art, throws, and numerous other decorative accessories to personalize your home decor.

The 2014 furniture trend focuses on furniture that offers storage. Colorful upholstery and a mixing of furniture style and color is also part of the newest trend. Furniture that encourages relaxation and looks and feels comfortable is expected to gain popularity.

Decorating with a layered look is another 2014 trend. You can get frugally creative with this concept. You can layer rugs, pillows, towels, and bed coverings. Rather than buy all new items, simply place the newest item on top and have the older items peeking out around it. This visual trick will save you some money, yet give your decor an updated appearance.

You can find many ways to frugally update your home so it showcases your awareness of the newest decorating trend. You may be surprised at how easy it is to repurpose some of your current home decor items so that they fit into your updated design. Don't hesitate to get creative. You can always consider your personal creations the unique portion of your 2014 decor.

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