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Operation Smile Supported by Campusbookrentals.com

by Paige Estigarribia

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disclaimer: The Dollar Stretcher received compensation from Campusbookrentals.com for writing this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in the post are those of the author.

Corporate social responsibility has more recently become a huge part of our decision-making process. And Campusbookrentals.com has certainly taken on their role for responsible actions with their amazing commitment to Operation Smile. With each textbook rented, they donate to this wonderful charity.

What is Operation Smile?

Operation Smile is an international organization that is dedicated to providing free or low-cost cleft surgeries to children across the world. This charity began in 1982 when a group of doctors traveled to the Philippines to repair children's cleft issues and realized the enormous need for cleft surgeries all over the world. Since growing the charity, Operation Smile has even received a letter of commendation from Mother Theresa!

Operation Smile is so important because they truly offer life-saving services. According to the Operation Smile website, 1 in 10 children born with a cleft lip or cleft palate will die before their first birthday. Surviving children have difficulty speaking and eating, and they are often kept out of school or shunned because of their disability. So often across the world, parents can't afford to provide these children with the treatment they need. Operation Smile provides a life-saving opportunity for parents to give children born with cleft problems a chance for treatment.

There are many ways to help Operation Smile, too! There are opportunities to become a medical volunteer, a community volunteer, or even become part of one of their student or youth programs. And if you need a textbook, think about renting it from Campusbookrentals.com as a great way to get involved!

What is Campusbookrentals.com?

Campusbookrentals.com, with every single textbook rented, donates to Operation Smile. And not only is Campusbookrentals.com a charitable company, it is also a great site where, instead of buying your textbooks brand-new at the bookstore or online, students simply search the database to see if the text is available for rent. According to their website, students can save a fair amount of money going this route, versus actually buying the book. If a student chooses to rent a textbook from them, they will ship the book for free, and when it's time to return the book, shipping is also free! Plus, students are free to highlight in the book, and the rental period is flexible as well.

Campusbookrentals.com also has established a new textbook rent-back program called Rentback.com where instead of selling your textbooks back to a buy-back program once you're finished using them, you can send your book (for a shipping fee) to Rentback.com. Each time the textbook is rented, you can make money on your book for the rest of its usable life. Once the usable life of the book is over, they will either sell it or donate it.

Charitable work is a wonderful way to give back to your world. Operation Smile and Campusbookrentals.com are doing just that with their wonderful contributions towards healing children’s smiles.

Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher who enjoys writing about food, frugal living, and money-saving tips. Visit Paige on Google+.

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