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How to Get Rid of Wasps

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Getting Rid of Wasps

Wasps love to build their nests near our back door. Is there an easy way to not only get rid of them, but also to keep them from returning? I'm tired of worrying about the kids getting stung by wasps!

Use WD-40® to Chase Away Wasps

Yes, you can! We got rid of our wasps by spraying WD-40® in their nests. It is a water displacement formula, so it kills the wasps and makes their nests uninhabitable for the future. I also prefer the smell over that of any wasp poison that is out there.

Hit Them When It's Cool

I used to have this problem. I bought a spray can of wasp killer made by RAID®. A can of wasp killer is designed to shoot a spray six to eight feet. Wait until after dark because it's a little cooler and the wasps slow down considerably. Light up the nest with a flashlight and spray the heck out of that nest. Instant death! Check on it again the next morning while it's still cool, or wait until the next evening. You may have to spray again, but I seriously doubt it. Using a rake or similar long-handled tool, knock the nest down, pick it up in a plastic shopping bag that has no holes, tie it off, and throw it away. I usually spray the whole area to discourage any surviving wasps from returning. I live in FL where wasps are a common pest, and my "treatment" works! It's a good idea to check about once a week in any similar crevices, doors, and windows to see if any stems (the foundation of a new nest) are forming. If so, apply the spray treatment. Remember to do it early in the morning or late in the evening.

May Be Worth a Try

Fill a brown paper lunch sack with a wad of paper. Twist the top shut and hang under eave of house. It mimics a wasp nest, and because they are territorial, other wasps will stay away.

Deter with Paint

If the wasps are building nests, try painting the ceiling of your back porch or patio a pale blue. Wasps will perceive the ceiling as sky and won't land. Paint stores sell a wasp deterrent paint additive. As I am a Florida resident, I painted my patio ceiling blue and added the wasp deterrent to the paint. So far, there are no new wasps' nests.

Keep Them from Coming Back

It seems like there are scent markings that are placed within wasp nests that draw them back time and again to the same area. To break the cycle, I knock down the nest and then use an old toothbrush loaded with dishwashing liquid to scrub where it was hanging. Afterward I use a little rinse water. For added insurance, I spray the area with a little wasp and hornet spray. I used to get wasp nests at both my front and back door. I haven't had any since I started taking the above steps.
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Getting Rid of Wasps with a Waspinator

We bought a grey sack called a Waspinator that looked like a wasp nest. Since wasps are territorial, real wasps will not build a nest there. It worked great, and we have used it for many years by our back door.

Also, if you smack or squish wasps, yellow jackets or bees, they release a pheromone that calls others of their kind to battle. Use alcohol in a spray bottle and soak the invading critter. It takes a few minutes, but it kills them dead and they do not release the pheromone. Just make sure you don't spray so the breeze blows the alcohol back in your face.

Super Soak Them

I can help! Soapy water sprays will kill the wasps and their nest. I like using a super soaker for big infestations. To keep them from coming back, I use citrus oil based soap or add a couple of tablespoons of orange oil to the soap spray. And I reapply as needed.

Insider Report on How to Get Rid of Wasps

Being a retired pest control person, the only thing you can do is spray a wettable powder in water under your eaves, paying attention to where the wall and eave meets. Some wasps come from other places and you can only do so much with them. Don't whip your hands around when they fly near you. This upsets them and they may sting. Let them be and they won't bother you.

Don't Take Unnecessary Chances

Buy a can of foaming wasp killer. Go out after dark or just before dawn and spray the nest thoroughly following the directions on the can. Once the nest is sprayed, leave the area immediately because a stray wasp may escape and attack. During the day, check the nest for any activity, and if necessary, repeat the spraying. In the spring, watch for new activity and deal with nests while they are small.

Wasps like to build nests in sheltered places, such as under roof overhangs and under deck railings. You might even find them under picnic tables. If you see wasps flying around, observe them carefully and see where they are going.

Some of the less common varieties may nest in the ground. Hornets build a huge nest up in a tree.

When in doubt and fearful or allergic, you should call an exterminator. It won't be cheap but cost a lot less than a trip to the ER.

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