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Christmas Decorating Trends for 2014

by Veronica Bowman

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Decorating trends for Christmas 2014 are going to delight frugal shoppers, packrats, and treasure hunters. It's the year for everyone who has an appreciation for items that reflect vintage, retro, and nostalgic themes. It's also going to be an exciting season for experienced and beginner DIY enthusiasts. Read on to discover how the 2014 Christmas decorating ideas can make your home look festive and trendy while your budget remains intact.

Before you begin trying to decide on a holiday theme, it might delight you to know that for 2014, it is acceptable to combine two or more decorating trends from previous years into one blended theme. You can bring various elements of bygone eras into the present in a unique and unified manner.

Unless you've saved some of your Christmas decor throughout the years, you're going to need to find some vintage decorations. Thrift stores, estate sales, and consignment shops are good places to search for vintage holiday decorations. You might want to ask family and friends who are downsizing, or who are known to be packrats, if they would be willing to part with some of the Christmas decorations they have packed away in the attic or basement.

If you can't find everything you need from the previously mentioned sources, you can find vintage-like Christmas decorations in local and online stores. Online auction sites often have a wide assortment of vintage items that can be used as Christmas decorations. Having the freedom to combine styles makes it easier to decorate your home with a mixture of items from a variety of resources. The end result will be a trendy, yet personalized holiday decor.

Don't be afraid to use paint to your advantage when you're recycling or re-purposing vintage or retro items. Spray paint with glitter can be one of your best investments this holiday season. Gold, silver, or white glitter spray paint can help you repurpose and renew a multitude of gently or not-so-gently used items.

Natural products and nature-themed decor is going to be very popular in 2014. Burlap, sisal, wood, and numerous other natural materials combine well with nature themed decorations. Handmade products or products that look handmade are a key feature in the 2014 Christmas decorating trend. This gives you a good excuse to rummage through those boxes in the basement or attic looking for something your grandmother made that you've had stored away for years. If that's not an option for you, take a day to wander through some thrift stores looking for things handmade or nostalgic that you can use as holiday decorations. Vintage Christmas cards, holiday-themed nostalgic wall art, and vintage children's toys can be incorporated into your holiday decorations.

If you're trying to decide on a theme or color scheme, the following ideas may be helpful to you. Some of the Christmas decorating ideas for 2014 were inspired by the stunning array of colors found on a peacock. An example of this can be found at The blue, gold, and green that shimmer so beautifully on a peacock can make your holiday home exquisitely impressive. The traditional green, red, and gold are once again popular. Nostalgic signs such as those seen at would be an attractive decoration in your home. For a serenely elegant holiday decor, you can use white, silver, and soft blue as your color scheme. There are many more color combinations you can use to create a beautiful, festive holiday decor.

For the frugal shopper, the Christmas decorating trends for 2014 offer a lot of opportunity to decorate with free or inexpensive items. Nature freely provides a bounty of items that can be painted and transformed into holiday decor. Vintage keys, jewelry, and other unexpected items that you may have around the house can be hung on your Christmas tree. For more ideas and inspiration, checkout the suggestions at Without a doubt, the 2014 Christmas season provides the perfect opportunity for frugal-minded individuals to flaunt their creativity.

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