'Elf School' - Fun Holiday Party or Fundraiser

contributed by Vanessa M.

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An easy party or fundraiser for Christmas time is to put on an "Elf School." Invite the prospective elves and welcome them with a bag to put goodies in.

Set up tables of activities. This works well if moms and dads are also invited to come along.

1) Elf Hat Table

You will need scissors, clear tape, ready-made sticky bows, and wrapping paper.

Cut a square of wrapping paper that is a 15 inches by 25 inches rectangle. Fold over five inches on the end on each end of the short sides to make a 15 inch square. Now fold down the middle, keeping the wrapping side out. Fold over each end to a triangle to create a robin hood style hat, fold up the bottom and tape, and add bow at the top.

2) Letter to Santa Table

You will needs form letters and bright pens.

3) Ornament Table

You will need a simple craft ornament that is appropriate to the age of children.

4) Wreath Table

You will need locally-gathered greens, ribbon, coat hangers, and tape

5) Hot Chocolate Table

You will need cups, powdered hot chocolate, hot water, spoons, several flavored syrups, crushed candies, and can of whipped cream.

6) Cookie Table

You will need bland cookies, frosting, sprinkles, candy toppings, and plastic knives.

Now play some music and wind up by reading The Night Before Christmas.

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