We review Fit & Fresh Snack Packs

Why Reusable Snack Bags Make Sense

by Paige Estigarribia

The Dollar Stretcher was sent a Fit & Fresh Snack Pack set of three reusable sandwich and snack bags to facilitate this review. The Dollar Stretcher received no compensation for this review. The opinions in this article are those of the author.

As the school routine settles in, and with all three of my children in school this year, I've found myself packing lunches and snacks like a pro every morning. The routine runs like a well-oiled machine - the healthy snacks, fresh foods like fruits and veggies, the delicious meal, plenty of water, ...you know the drill. Yet some days, my great routine grinds to a screeching halt. I wake up. In a sleepy haze, I make my coffee. And then, to the music of perking java, I think with a bit of dread.......Do I have enough plastic sandwich bags for today's lunchbox creations?

Most days I do. Yet, if it's in-between grocery days, and I happen to run out, things go sour fast. I start pulling out the plastic wrap or my bulky food storage plastic containers and lids to make sure my kids have their lunch as fresh and yummy as possible. Now, I know that I should be reusing plastic sandwich bags, but I'll be honest - I just haven't yet found a good way to wash them out, dry them, and store them on the counter. Plus, I can't seem to get my kids to remember to save them in their lunchboxes to bring home!

So recently, I've been on a quest to eliminate my infrequent yet irritating plastic bag dilemma. And when Fit & Fresh agreed to let us review a set of their food storage snack packs, I knew I was up to the task. Plus, I wanted to see how my two co-workers liked using these cute, reusable bags, too. I'm thinking my kids wouldn't want to toss these away in the garbage. Could these save me from my plastic baggy conundrum? Here's my opinion:

A Little About Fit & Fresh

Fit & Fresh is a company that sells food storage containers geared towards healthy eating and living. Their products are designed for carrying healthy meals, so that those meals stay as fresh as possible. And most of their containers are recyclable and reusable too!

Fit & Fresh Snack Pack

What We Liked About Our Fit & Fresh Snack Packs

When they arrived, from the get-go I loved the adorable design. Our snack packs were super cute! They were made of durable material and strong velcro at the seal. As I used them, three things came to mind:

1. My kids won't throw them out!

They stand out in a lunchbox so my kids wouldn't dream of tossing them like they would a plain plastic bag. And so far, every time they've gone to school, they have been lovingly tucked away with lunch time leftovers and brought home to my dishwasher. And they are great for reusing, too. The three of us here at The Dollarstretcher have actually packed snacks, sandwiches, and even spare change in our reusable snack packs, and they worked perfectly. Plus they easily wash up in the dishwasher (I put mine inside out on the top rack), and they dry quickly.

2. They are reasonably priced.

As I said earlier up, I've been looking for a little while for a good reusable sandwich and snack bag. And some of them can get pretty pricey. These snack sets are reasonably priced - currently at $5.99 for sets of 2, and $7.99 for sets of three.

3. They are the perfect size, durable, and reusable too!

The sandwich pack easily accommodates a typical sandwich without being too bulky in a lunchbox. And the snack pack is a great size for a small snack. I've used and washed mine several times and it still looks great! And I really love the fact that now I never run out of baggies for lunch snacks. Because they are reusable they not only save money (no more buying plastic baggies) they are also environmentally kind (no more plastic baggies in my garbage)!

Fit and Fresh Snack Pack

Things to Think About Before Buying Fit & Fresh Snack Packs

Fit & Fresh products are available at many different retailers, but all retailers many not have all of the products. If you're in search of a particular item, it might be wise to call the retailer first and make sure it's in stock. Or you can definitely shop for products at the online Fit & Fresh website too.

And that's it! In our opinion, Fit & Fresh snack packs are a fantastic way to cut down on lunch packaging costs. I'm a big fan - in fact, I just ordered a few more sets for my house. See you later, plastic baggies!

Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher who enjoys writing about food, frugal living, and money-saving tips. Visit Paige on Google+.

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