How a little adds up to a lot

A Little Stretching

guest post by Bonnie

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If I had one piece of advice for those looking to enhance the income level of the home without taking on another outside job, it would be to stretch everything, even if just a little!

Adopting the habit of thinking in this way offers creative challenges every day and actually becomes fun with practice. It may include one more day's use, one more serving, one more mile, or one more low-cost leisure activity.

Today's entree becomes tomorrow's side or an ingredient in a homemade slow cooker soup, which will freeze well and save you from a future stop at a fast food place. Well-worn work clothing becomes "dirty" chore clothing. Worn jeans become at-home shorts.

Start-from-scratch meals are often not practical in today's fast-paced society but stretching works well. When you purchase that packaged "complete" meal, use half the seasoning and add additional rice or pasta, and don't forget to toss in an appropriate vegetable or two. Add a box of corn flakes to the fancier cereal to stretch it some. Add a touch of water to the morning juice.

Keeping a list of errands on the calendar that involve the use of the family vehicle will help you group them together for cost savings on gasoline and time savings as well.

Re-use, a form of stretching, will turn cottage cheese containers into portion size frozen soup containers and cereal box liners into snack packaging. And it goes on and on.

Stretching a little here and a little there becomes a way of life and you will ultimately find yourself stretching everything. How delightful when you see how much further your hard-earned dollars will go in meeting the family's needs.

Stretching those dollars is the result of stretching everything else. How much is enough? That's up to you, but if you stretch more, you'll earn more! Happy stretching!

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