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An Expert's Guide to Line Drying Clothes

guest post by Darcy S.

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I live in a dry climate, and I love hanging my clothes out on the clothesline. They smell so good after drying on the line. And, it saves money!

I've been hanging my clothes outside and in the house for about 30 years. I seldom use the dryer. I've saved at least $10 per month if not more. It's easy to do the math on that!

Here are some tips I've learned:

  • To avoid too obvious clothespin marks on t-shirts, hang them wrong side out from the shoulder where the ribbing and shoulder seam meet. This keeps them from fading as well.

  • For shirts that button up the front, fold the collars forward and clothespin them there. Not only does this hide the marks, but also it keeps the outside collar from fading. Plus, if your old clothes pins leave marks on white shirts, it's hidden when it's being worn. It'll wash out next time.

  • I don't iron. Therefore, when I hang clothes, I straighten all cuffs, hems, pockets, etc., so they need no ironing when they are dry. If they do, I use a spray bottle of DIY wrinkle releaser. Plain water works great, too.

  • Hang sheets folded in half by the outside edges, not in the middle. By doing this, there's no major crease in the middle.

  • If you sort your socks as you hang them up, hang the pair with one clothespin. As you take them down, just fold the cuffs together and they are ready to put away!

  • You can leave clothes out overnight if needed, but be sure to shake them out before bringing them in. This will awaken any flies, moths, or other wildlife and encourage them to stay outdoors.

Try Crystal Wash. 1000 loads of laundry - no detergents, no dyes, no chemicals, no perfumes.

To enjoy savings and fresh smelling clothes, start hanging!

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