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Product Review: A Time for Everything's Fabric Envelope Budgeting System Wallet

by Paige Estigarribia

The Dollar Stretcher was sent a Cash Envelope Budgeting System Wallet to facilitate this review. The Dollar Stretcher received no compensation for this review. The opinions in this article are those of the author.

Many of us use the envelope system for budgeting. It's a great way to keep spending in check - when the cash is gone in the envelope...it's gone. But have you ever wanted to pick your whole envelope system up and keep it in your purse with you as you run errands? Or do you find yourself replacing your envelopes regularly because they are torn, lost in your purse, or mixed with other papers? A fabric envelope budgeting system may be perfect for your needs. We reviewed a fabric cash envelope budgeting system wallet from A Time for Everything - here's what we thought:

A few years ago, Melissa Kaiserman, from A Time for Everything, discovered laminated fabric - a sturdy way to create (and keep clean) everyday fabric items. She found a tutorial for a fabric envelope budgeting organizer, and the rest has been history. She creates different types of laminated fabric envelope organizers and budgeting wallets - all handmade from her shop at A Time for Everything. The organization systems she creates range from relatively simple, all the way through to complete organization sets. Her fabric budgeting system wallets are made to hold up well, and are portable enough to take with you when you need them on the go.

Fabric Budgeting System

Melissa sent us a basic cash envelope budgeting system that keeps your cash divided into 6 budgeting categories/sections. The system is a zipped up laminated fabric carrier/pouch, and each section perfectly fits cash - no folding to fit. The sections can be easily accessed when you need money, and each of these sections comes with a tabbed divider. You can easily see the sections and the cash in each section, and you can also keep your money separated into sections/categories. No more worrying about losing envelopes in your purse, or carrying around separate, half-torn paper envelopes. This system is all in one, durable, reusable, and easy to clean too. She can also customize the dividers, but I preferred the plain ones so that I could write on them with an erasable marker and change them out if I need. Just be aware...if you handle your dividers a lot, the erasable marker may disappear. And another thing to consider is your change. I used the system primarily for my cash, but I also tested it out with loose change in the dividers. After a few good shakes, my change wasn't where it should have been. If you use and budget your change, you may have to think of another system for keeping track of it.

Fabric Budgeting System

In our opinion, Melissa's budgeting wallet is a great, sturdy, and reusable way to keep track of your cash. Melissa's basic fabric cash envelope system is currently priced at $19.00. But if you are on a very tight budget, you can also keep track of your money using just plain envelopes. Or if you're crafty, you can try to recreate something similar at home with an old makeup bag. However Melissa's shop offers a great option for keeping track of cash with the envelope system in mind, but using a sturdy, stylish, and portable fabric alternative for storing and budgeting your cash. If you've found using paper envelopes or plastic dividers weren't working in the past, you might try a resuable fabric system. And Melissa has generously offered to give away one of her beautiful handmade Fabric Envelope Budgeting System Wallets to one of our readers! Please visit our giveaway page to enter for your chance to win, or enter using the rafflecopter below!

Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher who enjoys writing about food, frugal living, and money-saving tips. Visit Paige on Google+.

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