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She Saved Over $20k On Gluten Free Foods

by Mary Harrington

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When I first started eating gluten free, my grocery bill for all six of us living at home was $2500! And that was just one month! I now spend $600 a month on groceries. That's a $1900 savings per month compared to where I started. That's huge! That's $28,800 in savings per year. How do I do it? Read below and find out.

  1. Take out your grocery budget in cash at the beginning of the month. That way you can't overspend.

  2. Make a monthly meal plan. This way, you can see how your items flow together for leftovers.

  3. Make a grocery list and stick to it. If need be, order from your local grocery store online, so you can see the total first. Remember to put things like toilet paper and paper towels on the list because you probably buy them at your grocery store, and they should be included in your budget. An excellent resource is

  4. You should do one night of prep work per week. I like Sunday night. We chop, cook, bake, and laugh as we go along.

  5. Buy minimal processed foods. The real cost of living gluten free is buying other people's factory created items. It is their business to take your money. It's plain and simple. You want to keep more of your money? Pay them less. Don't have the time to make waffles, pancakes, cookies, muffins, crackers, etc.? I know time is also a factor here, so pick and choose carefully what you can and can't make. A 24-count batch of muffins takes ten minutes to prep (do while having coffee) and 18 minutes to cook (while taking a shower). The cost to do so yourself? The cost is $0.55 per muffin. The cost of buying Udi's muffins? It's $1.50 per muffin. What's the best priced flour to buy? It's Better Batter. Check out cost comparisons here. Do you want to spend $13.22 or spend $36?

  6. Snacking is one of my favorite topics. Much of the gluten-free snack stuff is nothing but crap, just like standard snack stuff. It contains fillers. It has no nutritional value and certainly no value to your bottom line. So what do we do for snacks? Eat fruits and veggies! We are talking about the original fast food. Eat them straight from a tree, a garden, a bush, etc. They offer vitamins, minerals, hydration, and fiber and are great for on the go eating. Grab an apple and a take along portion of peanut butter and you're good to go.

Eating gluten free on a budget isn't difficult. It does take a change of mind set. It does take some time. It does take dedication. But what it doesn't take is a lot of money.

The journey began in 2009 with the opening of Sinless Confections specializing in gluten-free desserts. Sinless Confections baked their final cake when Mary transferred to the Boston area. Now with five more years of delicious cooking under her apron, Mary is delighted to share this with you through recipes and gluten free coaching services. Visit her at Gluten Free GPS.

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