See how you can possibly get paid to wait to collect Social Security benefits

Maximizing Social Security with the Spousal Benefit

interview by Gary Foreman

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Did you know that Social Security will actually pay you while you wait until age 70 to collect benefits? On The Dollar Stretcher Interview, Brian Doherty of tells us how to possibly get a Social Security check before we officially start to collect benefits, as well as a strategy for getting the largest possible check, regardless of whether we are married, divorced or widowed.

Editor's note: Due to the signing of the Bipartisan Act of 2015 on November 2,2015, Social Security spousal benefits will no longer be available to those turning 62 after January 1, 2016.

Brian Doherty consults and speaks on Social Security issues. He's the author of Getting Paid to Wait: Bigger Social Security Benefits - The Simple and Easy Way. Visit him and check out his book at

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