Making sense of retirement alphabet soup

4 Agencies That Help Retirees

by Annie Doisy

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If you're about to retire or newly retired, you know that your lifestyle is going to change, but there's a bewildering number of organizations that promise to help. It can feel like wading through a bowl of alphabet soup. With hundreds of "jargony" terms like IRA, ACP, 401(k), ERD, and ESOP, it's no wonder so many retirees feel like they're drowning in unfamiliar acronyms. So let's look at four agencies that help retirees.

Learning about these four key agencies will connect you to the resources and advice you need to plan for retirement with no ladle required.

1. The National Aging in Place Council

Living at home helps seniors stay healthy, maintain independence, and remain close with family and friends. Unfortunately, health concerns and accessibility issues often force many retirees into care facilities. The NAIPC works to prevent this by connecting seniors to service providers who can help them stay in their own homes.


As the most popular retirement agency in the U.S., AARP is often seen as a one-stop shop. The agency empowers seniors and lobbies to protect their interests in a variety of legislative issues. All seniors benefit from AARP's national and state lobbying efforts, but only members receive the full range of AARP resources. Membership requires a yearly fee and includes access to discounts, financial calculators, career services, lifestyle tips, and more.

3. Aging and Disability Resource Centers

ADRCs help aging and disabled adults get the support they need. Although the program is a national collaboration between the Administration for Community Living and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, it operates on a local level. Local branches provide advice, counseling, home-delivered meals, and other resources.


The U.S. government's website provides a wealth of information for retirees, yet it's often underutilized. The site features retirement calculators and guides to post-retirement health benefits, retiree rights, and financial planning. A quick search on will help you answer most, if not all of your retirement questions.

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While these agencies won't make your retirement decisions for you, they will provide the resources you need to make smart financial choices. After all, retirement should be the best season of your life. Follow these agencies on social media to get up-to-date news, and use their websites to connect to larger networks of retirement experts and fellow retirees. Then, rest easy knowing you have the support you'll need for years to come.

Reviewed April 2017

Annie Doisy is a reverse mortgage expert who helps seniors enhance their lives by taking advantage of the equity in their homes. Annie writes about reverse mortgage information to inform homeowners on how to access the equity in their homes.

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