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Can I Use Canned Biscuits Past Their Expiration Date?

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Can I Use Canned Biscuits Past the Expiration Date?

Sometimes my grocery store has canned biscuits (the refrigerated kind) greatly discounted because they are nearing the expiration date. Does anyone have any idea how long these typically stay good past the expiration date? Am I better off just baking them and then freezing the cooked biscuits? Do they freeze okay? I hate to pass them up when they are marked down, but I also don't want my savings to go to waste.

Par Cook and Freeze

If I were buying these, I would partially cook them before the expiration date, freeze them, and finish browning them before serving. However, for very little time and money, you can make much better biscuits by using self-rising flour and following directions on the package.

Begin to Experiment

I've used biscuits a couple of months after their expiration date without any noticeable degradation. I suggest that you run an experiment. Buy several cans of biscuits, allow them to expire, and bake one can each month past that date. At the point that the smell or taste begins to change, you'll know how long they can be stored. This will happen long before they become unsafe.

I doubt that they can be frozen without causing the can to split open, but perhaps that's another experiment you can run!

Make Homemade Hot Pockets

I have used the biscuits to make homemade "hot pockets" for my son's lunch at community college. Each one is flattened and filled with leftovers (taco meat, sloppy joes, scrambled eggs and peppers, etc.). Then I bake them according to the package and freeze. My son then has a grab & go meal that he can heat up in a microwave.

My Experience with Expired Biscuits

I can only offer advice based on my own experience. My canned biscuits were over a month old. Since I wanted the biscuits with the chili I was making, it seemed worthwhile to give them a try. For one thing, they were difficult to pull apart out of the can to place on my cooking sheet. The texture was more doughy and sticky than usual. Since the quality seemed affected, I kept an eye on them in the oven. They took a little less time to bake, but my husband was more than happy to enjoy them with his dinner. They seemed fine to me too. This was an Aldi's brand, so other name brands may have different outcomes based on how long they are past the expiration date.

Go Ahead and Buy Them

I often have those cans of biscuits in my refrigerator and use them well past their expiration date without any problems. I am talking months not days. Buy them.

Freeze the Uncooked Biscuits

Take them out of the container and place individually on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Put the tray in the freezer for a few hours or until frozen. Put the frozen biscuits into a zipper freezer bag. You can now take out and use whenever you like!

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A Bit Dry but Fine

Yes, you can use canned biscuits after their expiration or best buy date. They actually keep a long time. I have had one pop itself open though, so be cautious to that happening. I volunteer at a food bank, and we had a pallet of expired biscuits/crescent rolls. Some did open, so we tossed them. I brought some home, and it was weeks later when I opened them. I found the dough to be a bit dryer than fresh dough, but they baked up fine.

Be Safe

They should be fine unopened and refrigerated for a month or two past the date, but for safety's sake, bake-and-freeze is the way to go.

Freeze in the Can

I have frozen biscuits still in the can without any issues if you want to try that method instead of freezing baked biscuits.

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