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How to Get Money Saving Offers By Product Testing

Are you looking for a way to get amazing money saving offers while trying out the latest and greatest stuff? Then this product testing guide is for you.

Consumer's Market

The age of the large corporations dictating product prices is dead. Now, the consumer is King, and a consumer armed with wordsmithery and an honest review can play God. An Amazonian God to be exact.

Review Amazon

Ever a competitive marketplace - Third-party sellers have to constantly adopt new strategies just to keep afloat. The newest of which is ridiculously beneficial to buyers. Reviews. Put simply, independent reviews demand attention and ultimately improves ranking. Sellers are actually incentivizing buyers to leave their written opinions by rewarding them with hefty discounts. The best bit? The reviews are honest. The consumer is entitled to these discounts whether the feedback be positive or not.

The process is simple; visit an Amazon review site, select your product, collect the discount code, purchase, review. It really is that easy to potentially save 50, 70 and in some cases 100% off the original price!

And the Shipping?

Here's the best bit - most products are eligible for Prime - meaning in most cases free postage. If not, usually the worst you'd be looking at is $4.49. You can register to these sites completely free of charge so there really is no catch.

The Top 5 Product Testing Sites

Heres where you can put your newly acquired product testing knowledge to the test. This list of the top 5 sites in the niche will help you choose the right site to join and start reaping the rewards.

ProductTesting.co (rating: 5 stars)

The most established Product Testing site with the largest range of new offers added every day is ProductTesting.co The team behind this behemoth has created an easy to use offers catalog mixed in with awesome social rewards system that rewards you for taking part. All you have to do is click to claim an offer and its instantly available to you.

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SnagShout (rating: 3.5 stars)

These guys have been around for a long time and feature some interesting items, albeit a tad boring. The major downside to this site is that you have to seek approval for the offers and wait for the seller to get back to you.

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DealsGoGoGo (rating: 2 stars)

This product testing site does allow you to instantly gain access to the offers it features and does have some interesting deals. The site is a tad bit aged and clunky but still works as of time of publication of this article.

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Vipon (rating: 3 stars)

Vipon has a large collection of product testing offers but is obviously gender bias. The site mainly features childrens toys and cheap clothes.

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TrueOpinion (rating: 1 star)

TrueOpinion has been a good site in the past but has recently been plagued by adverts, that is, when the site is up. If you can catch this site when its working in its prime you will gain access to a fairly decent cache of offers.

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