Can, dry, freeze and store a year's worth of your own foods with these pantry stocking suggestions

Yearly Food Storage: Part 2

by Doris O'Connell

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Canning, preserving, freezing and drying food is time consuming, tiring and probably even boring for some. For those that persevere, the rewards are many: A full pantry with a year's supply of food, exercise gotten from the gardening and preservation, money savings for the budget that can multiply the actual income at times.

Here is part two of a sample list of foods that can be good additions to your pantry:

Berries & Juices from Berries: 100-300 quarts for family of 5-6, minimum.

Strawberries: 50-100 pounds frozen, canned and preserved. Only when we grow them or get good deal on them.

Tomatoes Stewed: 25-50 quarts. We like them like this or in recipes.

Chili Sauce: 15 quarts canned in 1/2 pint or pint jars.

Tomato Ketchup: 5 quarts canned in 1/2 pint or pint jars.

Taco Sauce or Salsa: 15-100 quarts canned in pint jars.

Tomato Juice: 25-100 quarts (always keep a few on hand just in case a dog or person gets skunked).

Tomatoes, Whole Frozen: 25-100 lbs. whole tomatoes for pizza, salad and casseroles.

Tomatoes, Whole Canned: minimum is 55 quarts and maximum 400 quarts.

Cantaloupe: Frozen pieces or melon balls, use fruit fresh or ascorbic acid to preserve quality. Dried cantaloupe is delicious! And chutney with cantaloupe is delicious.

Healthy Meal Plans from Gatheredtable

Cherries: 10 quarts either canned or frozen. Dried if abundant.

Peaches: Minimum 50 quarts canned for our family. More if bountiful. Also great dried.

Pears: 25-50 quarts canned. We have now learned how to freeze them with good results.

Plums: 10-15 quarts canned. More if plentiful or free.

Asparagus: 20-25 pints. We also have wild asparagus.

Lima Beans: 30 pints or more.

Beets: Canned and pickled. 30 pints or more as garden dictates.

Carrots: Minimum 25 quarts canned.

Corn: 50 pints canned, plus 250 ears frozen.

Okra: 10-30 pints canned or frozen.

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Doris O'Connell-copyright 1996, may be copied in full for distribution via e-mail in full version only.

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