Yearly Food Storage: Part 2

by Doris O'Connell

This is not for the unmotivated! Canning, preserving, freezing & drying is time consuming, tiring & probably even boring for some. For those that persevere, the rewards are MANY! A full pantry with a year's supply, exercise gotten from the gardening & preservation & $ savannas for the budget that can multiply the actual income many times.

Please don't feel that you should do this or have to do this & if you do start, go slowly! Maybe even 1 batch of jam the first year & then if you like doing it then go further, but build up gradually. Again, this is not for everyone.

Grapes: We can them, cut in half remove seeds. We also drysome for use as raisins. We do up as much as we can getfrom the wild or for free. We freeze some juice for making jam during the winter when there's time. We can grape juice & then in the winter use a small quantity of it to make grape jam, as we are not as busy this time of the year.

Berries & juices from berries: 100-300 qts for family of 5-6, minimum. Some years we did more.

Strawberries: 50-100 pounds frozen, canned & preserved. Only when we grow them or get good deal on them.

Tomatoes stewed: 25-50 qts. We like them like this or in recipes.

Chili sauce: 15 quarts canned in 1/2 Pt or Pt jars.

Tomato Ketchup: 5 quarts canned in 1/2 Pt or Pt jars.

Taco sauce or salsa: 15-100 quarts canned in pt jars.

Tomato juice: 25-100 quarts (always keep a few on hand just in case a dog or person gets skunked).

Tomatoes whole: Frozen 25-100# whole tomatoes for pizza, salad & casseroles.

Tomatoes whole: Canned-minimum is 55 qts & maximum 400qts.

Cantaloupe: Frozen pieces or melon balls, use fruit fresh or ascorbic acid to preserve quality. Dried cantaloupe is delicious! and chutney with cantaloupe is delicious.

Cherries: 10 qts either canned or frozen. Dried if abundant.

Peaches: Minimum 50 qts canned for our family. More if bountiful. Also great dried.

Pears: 25-50 qts, canned. We have now learned how to freeze them with good results. If we have a bountiful year have canned several hundred qts & the late frost the following year took the blossoms so we had enough to last for 2 yrs.

Plums: 10-15 qts canned. More if plentiful or free.

Asparagus: 20-25 pints. We also have wild asparagus.

Lima Beans: 30 pts or more.

Beets: Canned & pickled. 30 pts or more as garden dictates.

Carrots: Minimum 25 qts canned. Others in storage in damp sand or purchased as needed, once the ones in the garden under bales of hay are gone.

Corn: 50 pints canned, plus 250 ears frozen.

Okra: 10-30 pints canned or frozen
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