Can, dry, freeze and store a year's worth of your own foods with these pantry stocking suggestions

Yearly Food Storage: Part 3

by Doris O'Connell

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Canning, preserving, freezing and drying food is time consuming, tiring and probably even boring for some. For those that persevere, the rewards are many: A full pantry with a year's supply of food, exercise gotten from the gardening and preservation, money savings for the budget that can multiply the actual income at times.

Here is part three of a sample list of foods that can be good additions to your pantry:

Peas, Green: 25-125 quarts canned or frozen.

Pumpkin: 15-50 quarts frozen. (Also some dehydrated.)

Winter Squash: Kept in cool room in a basket. Keeps well for 3 to 4 months. We cook and freeze quick or use up right away if we see a spot develop, so as not to waste any.

Spinach: 15-50 quarts, canned or frozen.

Summer Squash: 20-50 quarts canned in pint size jars or Vegetable medley frozen.

Sauerkraut: 25-50 pints.

Sweet Potatoes: 25 pints or 25 or more pounds stored. Max 150 pounds for family.

Healthy Meal Plans from Gatheredtable

Potatoes: 150 pounds minimum for family. Some canned, most just stored in cool place, and some dried for casseroles, or diced for soups. Dip in vinegar and water solution to stop them from turning black.

Jardinierre: 10-25 quarts. Layer mixed vegetables canned with equal parts vinegar and water, l tsp. sugar in each jar and a whole or piece of hot pepper on top is optional. Also, 1 tsp. of pickling spices goes in each jar. We use pint size jars now as we are only 2 people and prefer to open a fresh jar, rather than storing an open one in fridge.

Kale, Mustard Greens or Swiss Chard: 5-10 pints per person, canned or frozen.

Onions: Dried chopped 2-5 pounds. Canned pints 5-10, with the rest stored for fresh use.

Pineapple (Dried): 2-5 pounds per person or can as much as I can get for free or cheap price.

Vegetable Soup: Canned or frozen 50 quarts.

Yeast: 5 pounds frozen in airtight plastic container.

Canned Chicken: 50 qts or more if bought on sale for .29 or less, for the chicken leg & thigh quarters.

Canned Chicken Soup: Made from the bones and bone pickings with some vegsies and noodles, 50-100 quarts.

Water: Enough canned for at least 14 days for drinking and cooking. That is one gallon per person daily minimum. Better to allow two gallons and have a larger supply.

Condiments: This is not a necessity, but they sure do make a meal more appealing. We do the following:

  • 12, 1 1/2 pt jars of sweet relish
  • 12 jars zucchini and onion bread and butter pickles
  • 12 pint jars bread & butter pickles
  • 21 quarts Kosher dill pickles
  • 10-20 pints pickled sweet peppers for sandwiches, 5-7 pints of chow-chow relish
  • 1 double batch of Piccililli Relish
  • 21 jars of green tomato and multi fruit mince pie filling

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Doris O'Connell-copyright 1996, may be copied in full for distribution via e-mail in full version only.

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