Yearly Food Storage: Part 5

by Doris O'Connell

This is not for the unmotivated! Canning, preserving, freezing & drying is time consuming, tiring & probably even boring for some. For those that persevere, the rewards are MANY! A full pantry with a year's supply, exercise gotten from the gardening & preservation & $ savannas for the budget that can multiply the actual income many times.

Please don't feel that you should do this or have to do this & if you do start, go slowly! Maybe even 1 batch of jam the first year & then if you like doing it then go further, but build up gradually. Again, this is not for everyone.

Dry items & staples bought in bulk thru a co-op, bought on sale etc.
2# Chicken bouillon
2# Beef bouillon
5 gal vinegar
1-2 qts soy or tamari sauce
1 gal veg oil-(or more)
1 qt vanilla
10=25# cornstarch
50# baking soda
5-10# baking powder
5-10# salt
5# cream of tartar
5# Cocoa
10, 5# canned hams or 50# of (TVP) soy granules or chunks. (meat substitute)
1-2 cases of Spam or 50-100# sunflower seeds.
2-10 cases of tuna fish. On sale for .39 or 3/$1.
15 cans of bacon or home canned turkey sausages.
1-2 cans of Mackerel or Salmon (if on sale).
1-2 cases of mayonnaise or salad dressing.
400-1000 pounds of whole grain flour or the whole grains & a hand grinder.
50# corn or cornmeal.
50# soyflour to use in place of eggs, make tofu, soymilk, etc.
50# oat bran
50# Wheat germ
100# rolled oats
20# quick grits
10- 25# popcorn
100-200# sugar or fructose
50-100# brown rice
50-100# pasta
20# nuts (we subst. sunflower seeds)
1-2 Gallons of Molasses
1 Gal, or 2 5# jars honey or more.
I'd have to guestimate the citrus peels & herbs we dry & it would probably be around 100#. We make a lot of herb tea, others would probably want to store coffee, tea & powdered creamer. We store 50# powdered milk.

We make our own pancake syrups from fruit juices & low amt of sugar, or pureed fruits, or make it with water, sugar & maple flavoring.

We utilize our dehydrators to the max & they have served us well. The few herbs or spices we do not grow are bought from a natural food distributor thru our co-op. Everything we grow is done without chemicals, we are organic gardeners.

Large packages of anything in the freezer is a NO NO here. Everything goes into the freezer either in portion or meal sized packages. Preferably in portion sizes as it's easier & also less apt to have wastage. Every item is well wrapped, labeled, dated & added to the inventory sheets on top of the chest freezer. My daughter has taken it one step further & wraps each hot dog & sausage individually, then places them in a plastic container or Zip Lock bag, a method we are adapting to other things as well since there are only 2 of us now. Our freezer sheets were produced on the computer & then put inside a page protector. Then with a wax pencil it is easy to add to the inventory or remove it quickly with a quick rub of the finger on the lumberman's count. I do use IIIII IIIII instead of the usual IIII with the back slash from the first thru the fourth. It is quicker & less apt to get messed up. The simpler you keep things the easier it becomes with large quantities.

Peace, Love & Joy!
Doris O'Connell

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