Advice from Mom: Making Pies

by Rae Osenbaugh

Mom's making pies this week. Here's some hints that might help:

  • When baking fruit pies, cut holes in the top crust with a thimble, then place the crust on top of the pie. As you are placing the crust on top the holes will stretch a bit. Then put the little circles back in each of the holes. This makes for a different top and also allows for the steam (you won't have to cut openings for the steam and juice as you usually do).

  • Make your two-crust pies the night before you need them. Store them in the refrigerator overnight. Bake as usual in the morning. (If you're using glassware, let them sit until room temperature)

  • Brush some milk on top of a two crust pie for a nice browned look.

  • Put a layer of marshmallows in the bottom of a pumpkin pie, then add the filling. You will have a sweet topping, as the marshmallows rise to the top.

  • Use short lengths of drinking straws inserted into the slits in the pie crust to prevent juice from running over in the oven and permit steam to escape.

Have a good day, Rae

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