Advice from Mom: Everyday Hints

by Rae Osenbaugh

Here's a few everyday "hints" that can help make a household run smoother and more efficiently....

Rubbing alcohol will remove ball-point pen ink marks.

A mixture of half hot vinegar and half salt will clean and polish brass. Just rub it on and polish off.

Put candles in the refrigerator for 24 hours--they will last longer and be less likely to drip.

Ordinary baking soda on a damp cloth will remove grime and grease from the glass on an oven door.

Cold tea, coffee grounds, or egg shells make a good fertilizer for house plants, and can act as an insecticide, too.

"Plant" a few moth balls into the ground around flower beds to keep dogs away.

Rinse your pan with cold water before heating milk in it to prevent scorching and make cleaning easier.

Have a good day, Rae

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