Advice From Mom: Plants

by Rae Osenbaugh

I definitely do NOT have a green thumb....I've even had cactus die on me from my neglect. But, I have come up with a list of plants that will survive almost anywhere...

  • Aspidistra (cast iron plant): also known as the spittoon plant, is able to survive even the worst neglect imagined.
  • Rubber Plant: likes a cool, dimly lit interior area. But, if you do set it in a sunny area, watch out--it will grow like crazy.
  • Century (Kentia) Palm: A long-lived, very slow growing plant that needs uniform moisture: an occasional shower will do.
  • Nephthytis: Will do well in poor light and neglect....
  • Spider Plant: a tough plant that does well in low light and sends out trailing vines all over.
  • Corn Plant (dracaena): good for hot, dry apartments.
  • Bromelaids: slow growing, but exotic. They like frequent misting, but will put out flowers even in subdued light.
  • Philodendrons: this one likes a medium to low light source and an even moisture, but will still survive under more neglectful conditions.

Plants in your home improve the air quality and give a welcoming atmosphere to any living space. When you keep plants that require little or no care you save yourself time and money!

Have a great day!

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