Advice from Mom: Get Organized, Make a List!

by Rae Osenbaugh

The above title is what I keep on my screen saver as a reminder to myself...I need a constant reminder because I do get behind sometimes. This week is a good example....I'm writing this at the very last minute.

But, I did find a fantastic freebie on the 'net that I've been using this week. Actually, my husband found it, and downloaded it onto my computer. When I got up the next morning, there it was--staring back at me from my computer screen. I was not real pleased with him for a moment: I get a little irritated with people who mess with my systems...

But anyway, you can download (free for 30 days) the 3-M Post-it notes for your computer. I didn't want to try it at first: I thought it was just extra work that I didn't need to take up my time. The little post-it notes (some of us refer to them as sticky-notes) are able to be organized into memo boards or just stick them all over your screen...I like the memo boards the best: I have about 8 of them (minimized) where I keep notes to myself organized by subject. I have one board for telephone numbers I need, I have one labeled "Dollar Stretcher" where I keep ideas, I have two labeled today and tomorrow. The program also has an alarm feature (with snooze button!) to remind you of current appointments. Individual post-it notes can also be sent to someone else through your e-mail system. But, this feature isn't available on the free version, you have to install the regular one to get it....but the help file on it makes it look real useful.

The URL of this fantastic program is: It has some sort of a timer that will disable it after 30 days. But, they give an 800 number where you can order it, or they also suggest you look at your local software dealer (which I did, but they didn't have it). Once you've brought up the 3-M web page, go to "Post-it(R)Software Notes"--You can't miss it....

Thanks for everyone's letters and notes: I'm still working on answering all of you...somehow I got really behind this week...gotta get organized!

Have a good day.....Rae

Rae is the mother of nine (and grandmother of two) in central Nebraska. She says her house runs smoothly due to "organized chaos, and lots of lists!

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