Poor Acceleration and Dealer Cost

by Ask Bob: The Auto Answer Man

Dear Bob,
I have been very good to my 1986 Chevy Nova (with Toyota carbureated engine). I.e. regular tune ups and fluids, etc.

However, now in its tenth year, all the major problems now seem to be coming all at once: exhaust, brakes, etc. It's like I never took care of it at all.

Now the latest problem is with acceleration - it just won't do it very well, particularly on hills, even when I floor it. I am concerned that it might get me into an accident.

I have researched the problem and now suspect a fueling problem -- i.e. fuel pump or filter or PCV device.
A Puzzled Reader

A Puzzled Reader,
Hmm, 10 year old car... probably up there in miles... problems with accelerations and hills... sounds like it might be either a fuel pressure.. no wait, you said carb... plugged cat or a damaged (collapsed) muffler. Try those.

Then check your timing. It might be off. When was the last time you changed the timing belt? An easy way to check if it needs replacement is (disconnect the battery or disarm the coil so the car will not start). Remove number one spark plug. Get a socket that will fit on the crankshaft (dampener pulley) retaining nut. Rotate the engine until number one cylinder is top dead center on compression. Now remove the distributor cap. Again rotate the engine until you see the rotor move. Now rotate in reverse. Take not how long it takes for the rotor to reverse. Any more than 5 degrees is too much. Let me know how these things work out.

You reference a method for getting dealer cost on-line, could you please explain how to do this.
Jim S

It's very easy. Some methods you can pay for, others are free. Go to edmunds.com From there, you can calculate dealer invoice for any give option.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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