Advice from Mom: North Pole Postmark

by Rae Osenbaugh

What's Christmas without letters to (and from) Santa? Part of the excitement of Christmas is writing a list of wishes and getting it to the North Pole in time for Santa Claus to answer. Getting the real thing can be quite a trick, though, because not only do you need a letter from Santa, you need a North Pole postmark on it.

If your children write to Santa and expect a reply, here's an easy way to get one for them. You don't even have to send their letters away and wait for their return. Simply use the free graphics and the "one size fits all" letter from Santa found on this North Pole Cancellation (North Pole Postmark)page.

Read the letter from Santa to you first, then download the free graphics you need to accomplish your mission.

Of course, you can write your own "letter from Santa" and include references to the things the child asked for. The postmark graphic is ideal to paste onto the letter before giving it to your child.

Rae is the mother of nine (and grandmother of two) in central Nebraska. She says her house runs smoothly due to "organized chaos, and lots of lists! Anyone wishing to drop her a line is welcome to at

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