Inexpensive Decorations for a Christmas Wedding

by Rachel Shreckengast

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Rachel, Do you have any elegant, but inexpensive decorating ideas for a Christmas wedding?

I love themed weddings! They tend to bring the creative side out in people, and show a bit of the personality of the couple as well. The first idea I received from Mara, so I'll repost it here for you, as well as give some comments of my own on the idea. Mara said, "Another decoration idea is clear/white Christmas lights wrapped in white tulle. The lights have a very pretty yet soft effect." This was such a great idea that I just had to share it. Thanks Mara! The only thing I'd like to suggest though if you use the idea is to buy "cool-to-the-touch" bulbs. I'd also puff the netting /tulle around the bulb so that it doesn't touch it. This would also look nice with a white ribbon (perhaps edged with gold) covering the green of the cord.

Another idea along the same lines is to buy Christmas lights in colors that match or come close to your wedding colors. They now make bulbs in "Easter" pastels as well as Christmas brights. White always looks elegant, and another simple idea is to buy "swags" or long strands of white silk poinsettias to decorate the walls or even the tables. For a festive yet elegant look, you could also buy the poinsettias with the gold-tipped centers. Another idea is topiaries, which you can make yourself (instructions to follow) or purchase. You can make them any size you'd like, and they can serve as standing decorations or table centerpieces.

The instructions to follow are for a more elegant look, and you can vary the instructions and materials to suit your tastes. The materials you'll need are:

  • A terra-cotta pot (in the size that you want

  • A can of white spray paint

  • Gold or silver paint (acrylic will work)

  • Enough foam to fill the pot, and a foam ball of the size you want

  • A piece of gold (or silver or hunter/white/burgandy that's edged with gold or silver) ribbon

  • Spanish moss or baby's breath (enough to cover your foam ball and the top of the pot)

  • Silk flowers to decorate the foam ball

  • A straight stick or wooden dowel

  • (Optional) pearl sprays, silk ribbon, pearl strands.

Take the pot and paint it white, edge the rim in gold. Let it dry then add the ribbon, and tie into a nice bow. Paint the dowel or stick if you'd like. Stuff the foam into the pot and cover with baby's breath or Spanish moss by sticking it into the foam. Put the stick/dowel into the middle of the foam in the pot. Decorate the foam ball with baby's breath or Spanish moss, then stick that onto the top of the stick/dowel. Cut your silk flowers approximately 1/4 inch from the bud and decorate the foam ball with as many of the flowers as you'd like. You can then add additional decorations...pearl sprays/strands, loops of satin ribbon...whatever you like. You can also add a bow with ribbon streamers underneath the foam ball for extra effect, or add bits of tulle/netting to the topiary. You're only limited by your imagination.

Another decoration idea for the walls would be simple wreaths (pine-tree or grapevine painted white) wrapped in and with sheer white bows edged with gold or silver. Candle-light is an elegant option and could be incorporated into your centerpieces or for decorating. You could cover the tables in netting or sheer fabric, and "bunch" it around the bottom of simple centerpieces of a white (or glass) bowl filled with Christmas ornaments as favors. Little Christmas trees decorated with satin ribbons and tiny glass (or plastic look a-like) ornaments would also be a pretty and elegant centerpiece idea. Mistletoe hung in strategic places and tied with a nice bow would also look festive and elegant. The most elegant of looks is also the most simple of looks. A few bows...pearl sprays, pieces of sheer fabric, maybe some Christmas lights...that's all you really need to create an elegant Christmas wedding.

Rachel writes and advises on wedding budgeting and answers your questions through "Wedding Dollars and Sense" which is located at WedNet( She is also the author of "Say I do to Saving Money on Your Wedding".

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