Getting Enough Sleep

by Teri Spaulding

It's the New Year. Many of us have made resolutions to loose weight, get organized, start exercising, etc. However, the one thing most of us forget is to get enough sleep.

When you get enough sleep you will become more productive in your work. Organizing your days will become easier and accomplishing the day less stressful. Fatigue caused by stress and not enough sleep will greatly diminish. Best of all new studies show that people who lack sleep overeat. Maybe weight loss could be a bonus to get more sleep.

How to get enough sleep. First you know what time you get up. Count back eight hours and now you know what time your lights should be out. I give myself 1/2 hour before bed to get ready,(Yes like the kids, brush teeth, take off makeup, lay out clothes, make lunch, a few sit-ups, etc.). Get ready for bed time may be adjusted if you have lots in getting ready time. If I want to read in bed, I adjust the time for getting ready. Now it is an hour, 1/2 hour to get ready and 1/2 hour to read.

There will be times when you will need to stay up late. When this happens try to add a nap the next day. If you are working and live close to home, go home to nap. If you can find a empty room at the office use it or get in your car (safe place) and take your nap there. So that you don't over sleep bring the kitchen timer. If you stay at home, this would be the time to do the basics at home. Put the kids down and take a nap.

It takes about 3-4 weeks of being consistent to get use to an earlier bed time, but the rewards definitely out weigh staying up late. This New Year think how much better your life could be with more sleep. Less fatigue and stress, being productive and organized, and sometimes weight loss. Make sleep a top priority or your New Years resolution.

I'm a mother of four, one girl and three boys. My husband is self employed and I work with him. I have MS, winter is my good months. I first learned about sleep and its importance in order to help the MS.

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