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courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

I just ordered a new Cadillac and I wonder how good a deal I got? I was at the largest dealer in Florida with my daughter. the salesmen came over and started talking. I told him he would not want to do business with me for I would only pay dead cost plus the holdback. within minutes the general manager was there. The figures they gave me were to the penny what Edmunds puts on the net. They even did not charge me the percent for advertising. I paid dead cost, plus transportation plus the 3% on the retail price of the car. he told me they were making $1100 on the car and he had to pay a special fee of something like 148 to some group.

The salesman told me he only made a hundred dollars. I told him he talked for about fifteen minutes and I did not make my money that fast. Deal? I wonder if there is some secret that Edmunds doesn't tell.
Ben in Orlando

Looks like someone finally took my advice and it paid off! Great to hear it. Now that you made it big on the price of the car what are you going to do? Did you get ripped off on the dealer warranty? Did they get you for other dealer items that are twice the price of everyone else? I would hope not! But you really should look into getting a warranty. Since you found Edmunds, then you must know about the warranty company. Since I am in dialog with them, I can not mention their name until it is resolved, but since you are all web savvy, I'm sure you can find them. There are several, so check them out. Now that's over, I can not stress this enough, CHANGE THE OIL EVERY THREE THOUSAND MILES! Underline and italics for emphasis! Your car will last longer, especially if you live near the beach. And since you live in Florida, isn't that just one big beach anyway? Also, keep a good coat of wax on it. The salt will kill the paint (not to mention the sun) Personally, I like ZYMOL. This stuff is great, I used it on my new truck, my buddy's new mustang, our motorcycles, and even my wife's 87 Taurus and they all look great! It even smells like suntan lotion! after reading though some other information I found on the product, it actually has a spf rating. Which is good, you don't want those ultra violet rays to fade that gorgeous paint job! so, did you get an STS Northstar? These are some works of art! Even the Eldorado is nice. But these motors are 100,000 miles between tune ups. But like I said, CHANGE THE OIL and for that matter the air filter every so often as well.
Bob DeP

I have a '91 Ford F-150 pickup truck. The front disk brake pads are wearing out strangely. The outer brake pads are worn down and need replacing, but the inner pads look like they are not wearing at all. How can that be? The time between brake changes has accelerated also. Do have an answer/idea?

Well, this is an easy! Any time you have uneven brake pad wear, it is almost 90% of the time due to a bad caliper. Does this happen on both sides? another possible cause in that there may be a plug in the brake line and the pressure is low or in the proportioning valve. Now, you said '91 right? it only has anti lock in the rear. Which incidentally is a joke. On my '91 Bronco, they never worked right. And who really needs anti lock on drum brakes anyway?!? Hope this helps!

My next response is to Jeff with his minivan headliner problem and oxidizing paint. I have seen many a car that is about 10 years old with the headliner drooping down and hitting the driver. Now, I have not been into the parts business for a while, but there used to be a spray can of glue may especially for headliners. It has a little straw that you poke through the headliner and spray the glue around. Then you just push it back up and hopefully it will stay there for another 10 years. The next thing you mentioned was badly oxidized paint. Well there are several products out there that claim they help. There is one that I know of first hand that does NOT. This is product is called Touchless. Now to avoid a potential lawsuit by the manufacturer, let me explain to you what I did, and you can draw your own inference. Two summers ago, I had a bad motorcycle accident and broke my knee pretty bad. I hadn't waxed my truck yet for the summer. Since I was really not mobile enough to do a real wax job, I found this product. It went on in about 10-15 minutes and really looked great! But the problem occurred this past summer, my nice blue truck turned WHITE! The touchless acrylic had oxidized soo badly that it turned almost WHITE! I tried almost everything to get rid of it. I finally gave up and had it detailed by a friend of mine that owns a body shop. He would up using a 3M product similar to that of a very fine polishing compound and a powerful SLOW speed buffer. The truck looked great, then I sold it. So, the moral of this story is, try what you can to save money, but in the long run, you might just have to bring it to the pro's. Incidentally, it took my friend 2 full days to get it right. I don't know if the backyard mechanic has the time or the proper equipment to get the paint back in that amount of time.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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