30,000 Mile Service

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Dear Bob
I have a question regarding regular maintenance. It's time to have the 30,000 service done to my 93 Pontiac Grand Am. What exactly is done for this service and how much is a reasonable price? I'm probably not going to take it to the dealer to have this done.
Peaches F

Dear Peaches,
Since I am NOT a certified GM mechanic, I can not say for sure what needs to be done for your 30k service. Generally it is the first major service that a car gets. Everything should get looked over, engine, brakes, trans... possibly even a tune up... might run you around $400. Now, since this is the first major for the car, you might want to reconsider not taking it to the dealer. Look in your owners manual, and it will tell you exactly what to expect.

Dear Ruth,
STOP!!! YOU HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM!!! The timing belt should last for approx 60k miles NOT SIX MONTHS. You might be having an oil leak on the belt and that is why it is breaking! Call your service manager and have him find out why you needed 2 in a year. If you get nowhere, call the regional rep.

Dear Tonya,
First about your brakes, is this the first new car that you've owned? The reason that I ask, is that new cars are made with a semi-metallic brake pad. This will make a bit of a squeak and is perfectly okay. Now about your next problem about the steering wheel shaking at highway speeds, get your tires BALANCED!!! Now the combination of these 2 problems alone might not mean anything, but the 2 together could mean something else. Get the tires balanced and get back to me. From there, we'll discuss it further.

Dear Jennifer with the 92 Taurus,
I received this mail the other day, and I thought that I should pass it along. Now let me explain, not all cars have timing belts. Some have chains. Chains last much longer, but are a little noisy.... i was unaware that a chain was installed in modern v6 and i4's. I would also like to thank Ken for setting the record straight.

Dear Bob,
I am writing to you about Jennifer's 92 Taurus 3.8. the 3.8 has a timing chain and should last 150000 miles. I am a mechanic and have worked for Ford Motor Co. for 23 years.

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