Electric Window Problem

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

I have a 1991 Limited Buick Regal. It is in great shape, but was in an accident last September. A Buick dealer fixed up all the aesthetics perfectly, but now, some 6 months later, my drivers side automatic window has a mind of its own. Sometimes it will work, and sometimes it will not. I need to do something so I don't get stuck in the rain with the window down, but I'm afraid to take it to the dealer and get stuck with a HUGE bill. They are pretty good at doing that to me. Do you have any idea what it might be so that I can approach my dealer as a knowledgeable female?

Dear JT,
Your problem might be one of a few things... but let me first ask you this, does the windows go up or down on its own without you hitting a button or it just "decides" that it does not want to do what you tell it? If the latter is true, then there is either a loose connection (either in the wiring or in the window motor itself) or the window motor has about had enough. If, on the other hand, it move all by itself (like it's possessed or something) then that could be unsafe! There would probably be a cross in the wires somewhere and you are getting 12 volts when you don't want it. Let me know exactly what it is or is not doing.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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