Power Windows, Steering & Vibrations

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob
We have a 1989 Plymouth Voyager that has power windows. They completely stopped working. The fuse is still good after checking it. Can you tell me what it might be? I feel sure it is an electrical problem. Because one minute they were working, then the next it just froze up. Both the drivers & passenger's buttons do not work. The power locks still do.

Since you checked the fuse, and that looked okay, are you sure that you are getting voltage to the switches? If so, then .... well wait... you said that both windows stopped working the same time? From both controls (driver's and passenger) or just from the driver's side.... If just from one side, then there is a problem with that switch assembly... if on both, then I would suspect that the main power line from the fuse box to the switches is damaged somewhere. Was anything recently done to the car? Check it out and get back to me at askbob@stretcher.com.

Hey Bob,
I have a 89 Acura Integra and for the most part haven't had too many problems. I recently went over 100,000 and want to take care of a few things. While driving, it feels as if tires are bouncing quickly over the road. I just replaced the struts, praying that would take care of it. Maybe it is a little better, but I think it is just wishful thinking. I now have to replace the rear tires because of the worn struts I had. They have heavy duty wear, smooth bounce marks around them. I know I am going to need tires regardless, but do you think that by changing the tires it will solve the problem (Vibration)? If not, where should I go from there? So I will have new struts and new tires, should I still have that vibration? At slower speeds it really isn't there, but around 60, I can really notice it. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.
Kevin S.

Vibrations in cars are really hard to find. Especially when it comes to tires. A tire that looks perfect might actually not be. I had a front wheel drive car that the tires were so bad (for whatever reason) that the steering wheel would shake at any speed over 15 mph! The problem in that case turned out to be a tire that through a belt! I put a set of new rubber all around, made sure that they were high speed balanced, and now it rides smooth as silk! A lot of people do not understand the need to balance the tires. You see, if the tire is not perfectly round, or the rubber on one side is a little thicker (by even the slightest amount) the tire will not rotate smoothly. So show this, take any round sealable container like Tupperware or something. Roll it. notice how it rolls, now fill it 1/4 with water, marbles, rocks, anything and roll it again... notice how it rolls differently now. That same principle applies to your tires, but instead of having the extra material in the middle, it is actually in the wall. You should especially have a tire re-balanced after a flat is fixed. Now, you have more weight in the one specific spot than before and the tire will not roll true. So to answer your question, if the tires are not shot, it might be as simple as a balance job. Unfortunately, there might be some other little gremlins like worn bushings or anything that could be causing the vibrations. The balancing is the most common and the cheapest.

Hi Bob,
I have an '84 Toyota Corolla. The power steering has been acting up for quite some time. I had one shop look at it and they believed the power steering pump (original equipment) was leaking. They verified it by adding some die and doing a black light test. I didn't really trust this shop too well, so I had another shop check it. They also said the pump was leaking. I had a friend put on a different pump (rebuilt) but the steering is still acting up but now sometimes the steering wheel make a noise at certain spots during rotation. The problem is that the power steering works but sometimes goes out (acts like it doesn't have it). Do you have any suggestions?

Dear Tim,
When you put the new pump on, did you flush out the rack? If not, you might have messed up the new pump. When they check the pump for leaks, did they check the rack? Are the belt tensions correct? Did you fill it with the proper fluid? I know these questions may sound a little simple, but sometimes you have to start at the beginning.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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