Auto Buying Questions

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Dear Bob,
I hope that you can give me some advice. I'm planning to buy a car within the next 12 months and need some tips on how to buy a car and yet not pay an arm and a leg for the car, insurance, maintenance and every other cost that is associated with owning a car. Preferably it would be a new car, but I will settle for a used car. Is there a car buyers guide that gives the important points to look for in buying a car.

Try going to This place will give you a wealth of knowledge about both new and used cars. It will tell you what they are currently worth (as rated by Edmund's. remember that this is just a guide and a car is only worth what someone will pay for it!) It also has links to car locator services and insurance.

I am interested in buying a 88' chevy blazer s-10 4.3L. When driving it the service light stays on. The sales rep says that they replaced the calpack chip. The light still stays on. The truck drives fine. Should I look elsewhere?

That light means that there is a problem somewhere in the engine. You need to hook up a code scanner to find out what the problem is. If the light was to go on, then a few minutes later go off, then that problem is not as severe as a problem that the light stays on all the time. That is an indication that there is a major problem. They call this a HARD code. Unless they (the dealer) is willing to make repairs to the vehicle, I would look elsewhere.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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