Oil Additives

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hello Bob,
Of all the additives you can put into your car, I have come across one that claims to protect the engine if for some reason you loose oil pressure, such as a oil pump going bad or a oil filter lets go from its mounting gasket. As a matter of fact, the fellow, Pat Goss, seen on Motorweek (PBS) claims to have drained all the oil from a car that was treated with Tribotech and then run it hard for 30 minutes without any major engine damage. The product is rather expensive (about $30), and it is good for so many miles before the engine has to be treated again. Have you ever heard of this product, and if so, how do you compare it with other additives on the market?

Sorry, but I never heard of that one. There are so many additive people on cable TV that all seem to make these types of claims. There is that one infomercial that drains all the oil out, all the coolant out and even sprays the engine with a fire hose. Well, for those of you who have seen this, let me tell you that the water that is being sprayed on the valves is working as a lubricant, and since there is a constant source of it, there is no need to worry about overheating. A lot of these companies are working with gimmicks that the common person might accept as truth. Now, there is one that I have seen where they have this machine that spins a bearing and they press some sort of lever on it to try and stop the bearing. They tested several products and measured the amount of force needed to stop the bearing from spinning. It seemed like a pretty straight forward and simple test. Then they get to there product and they can not stop the bearing! The force gauge is maxed out and it just won't stop. Now, this shows how good it lubricates, but not really what it will do under temperature and pressure.

I am very leary of these products. The only one that I have personally used and enjoyed is TuffOil. Now, this is not an endorsement of this product or anything negative about any of the others. Personally, I am skeptical about these "mystery oils." If you do decide to use one of these products, I would still change the oil on a regular basis, just to be safe (it's like having an insurance policy). I would, at most, change the oil every 6000 miles. All of these product say they will protect your engine from normal wear, but one of the major misleading things is what happens if you have dirt or grit in your oil? Especially those of you that live in dusty areas, near the beach, or any place like that. You still need to get the dirt out! How do you do this? Change the oil and the filter regularly!
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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