The Birthday Present

by Rae Osenbaugh

A Great Present (and a good laugh!)

My husband and I recently went to a friend's fiftieth birthday celebration. One of the cutest gifts he received was a short branch of dead wood (approximately 8 inches, with no leaves) with a notecard attached with a nice thong through a drilled hole on one end.

The notecard read:
This is a yard stick. I know because I found it in my yard.
You can do many things with this yard stick.
You can check how deep a puddle is.
You can check the gas in your lawn mower.
You can play catch with your dog.
You can even use it to start a fire.
You can use it for whatever you wish,
Just don't put it back in my yard!

The yardstick was passed around all the guests--we all laughed and laughed....and some of us copied the inscription, planning on using the idea ourselves the next time we needed a cute gift! The giver of the yardstick explained how she saw the idea in a fancy gift store, and went home and made her own.
(Sometimes the inexpensive gifts are the most remembered!) Have a great week!

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