Rules to Live By

by David Turner

  1. Live life simply - be aware of enjoying the simple things that life has to offer a walk in the park, sharing a story with your children, a swim in the ocean / river / lake. They don't cost any money but they are great fun.

  2. Be prepared to share what you have with others. It may not come back to you straight away; but it invariably does one way or the other.

  3. Get to know your neighbours it's a great thing for a whole host of reasons

    Just some examples:

    • My neighbour and I share our gardening equipment we both couldn't see the point in both owning a lawnmower and a grass edger[whipper- snipper] so I bought the lawn mower he bought the whipper snippper and we share them.

    • This also extends to sharing child care with my wife caring for their children one day a week and they return the favour .

    • It also extends to looking out for each others property when one of us is away on holidays.

    • Recently we have started a working bee idea where we both devote a day to working on each others houses and we follow this with a BBQ and a few beers. A good way to get work done around the house and have some fun at the same time!
  4. Start a baby sitting club this saves a lot on child care and doesn't add to what can be a expensive night out.

  5. Look for second use for everything. If it can be reused do it!

  6. Repair things. Don't just get caught in the throw-away, buy a new one tomorrow mentality. The shoes I'm wearing tonight where bought almost four years ago and despite being worn almost every day and having being repaired once are still going strong.

  7. Look for things that are not new. Buy second hand where you feel comfortable doing so The computer I'm typing this on is over four years old and is still going well.

  8. Sell what you don't need or use any more Why allow money to sit gathering dust in garage ? What you can't sell give away! Others who are less fortunate than you will appreciate it and it means the things aren't cluttering up your place. [The exception to this being if you feel something may be collectable in the future]

  9. Be prepared to ask others for help or advice. If you don't ask you don't get. More often than not if ask people in the right way people are more than happy to help.

  10. When shopping don't always assume the advertised price is the sale price. Remember, most of all, the salesman is after a sale! The price is mostly negiotable, added to this shop around get the lowest price you can then negiotate for other things as well.

  11. Holidays? Know people who live somewhere else? Why not suggest swapping houses We did and it worked really well for us.The bonus is someone is looking after your house while you are away and you get a pretty cheap holiday at the same time! Another option is; if you know people who are going away perhaps overseas then offer to mind their house if it's somewhere where you would like to holiday anyway

  12. Never close your mind there is always someone who has better idea. This is why I like the Dollar Stretcher!
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I'm a 39-year-old father of two girls, who are 4 and 6. I'm a primary school teacher [elementary school] I live in Melbourne Victoria ,Australia. My wife is a nurse. I'm interested in writing, photography and of course being wise with the resources I and the whole world shares.

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