Towing Capacities

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

We would like to purchase a tent camper this year, also known as a pop-up. However, I am concerned about what we will be able to use in the future to tow it. We currently own a Dodge Shadow with 88,000 miles on it and a towing capacity of 2000-2500 lbs. This will work great for now, but obviously is not a long term solution. As I do not wish to drive a minivan or a pick up truck and will probably be buying a used car, do you have any sources of information that would help me track down which cars might have adequate towing capacity (at least 2000 lbs) and not be absurdly expensive? It seems that many cars these days only have a towing capacity of 1000 lbs or so.
Debbie G.

Might I suggest a Sport Utility Vehicle. These vehicles have a towing capacity of at least 4000 pounds. You might be able to find one coming off lease. Additionally these vehicles will offer you the same amount of room that you currently enjoy with your minivan. Your family will have room to grow with these. Also, they come in different sizes. There are two door models and four door models.... there are mid size and full size. Might I suggest you look at the Ford Expedition.

Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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