'85 Cavalier Starts on Second Try

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

I have an 1985 Chev cavalier with no catalytic converter. The manifold is connected to the tailpipe, but it runs fine. The problem is, it NEVER starts on the first cranking, but ALWAYS does on the second. With #1 gas it used to be better, but now it is consistent on the second start. Can you help?

Is the car fuel injected? If it is, then you might be losing fuel pressure while the car is off.... Try this, before starting the car, turn the key on and wait five seconds. Then, turn the key off and on again for 5 seconds. Don't turn all the way, just enough to get the lights and stuff on... then off, now try to start. If this works, then the problem lies with fuel pressure... Either the pressure regulator is leaking or the fuel pump is leaking, or the injectors themselves.... If I remember right, that car should be throttle body injection. Basically a computer controller carb with some really fancy jetting.
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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