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Should tire pressure always be 35 psi no matter what kind of tire you have? I have had cars in the past that were rated much higher and now I have a Ford F150 that has big tires on it and I am wondering should the pressure still be 35 psi? Thanks for your answer.
Michael W.

There are two places on your car where you can find the proper tire pressure. The first place will be on a sticker usually found on the driver side door pillar. The other place is on the tire itself. Not all tires are created equal, so the same pressure can not be assumed for all tires.

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Proper tire inflation is key to not only longer tire life, for better fuel economy. When a tire is under inflated, too much rubber is in contact with the road. This can be seen by the bottom wearing out unevenly (the sides are worn but the center is not). Over inflated tires have the usual sign of the center being worn out and the sides okay (assuming you have no alignment problems). Incorrect tire pressure may actually cost your 2-3 miles per gallon. So you can see, that correct tire pressure will not only save you money by helping your tires last longer, but by saving you gas as well.

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Now, one slight point, some people like to under inflated a tire by 2-3 psi in the winter. The claim is that it helps grab the road better when it is covered in snow. I have no documentation to prove this, so take it as my opinion only.
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Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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