Winter Warm-Ups

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

I have a question about warming up the truck in the morning when it's cold. My husband told me that it should warm up for 15 min and that's it. I understand about the moisture in the muffler and tail pipe but is this really necessary? I know he is taking good care of his truck but I think this is excessive. He wants the heater to be warm before he leaves the driveway. Could you please help me?

I have owned Ford trucks since '83. Now, what I recommend is just to wait till the engine comes down from high idle to normal idle. Just watch the tachometer. When you start it, it will be around 1000-1500 RPMs. Then it will drop to 750-1000. After this, the engine is sufficiently warm and you're on your way. Fifteen minutes is far too long unless he does not like to get into a cold truck. I don't either, but that's just me. But still, I don't wait more than 3-4 minutes before I go. Some people say, just start, wait 15 seconds and go. I think that is much too short and 15 minutes is way too long. Get my point?
Good Luck!
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Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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