About Gardening: Bamboo Trees

by Mira Dessy

Dear Mira,
There was a letter in this weeks Dollar Stretcher referencing bamboo trees. My husband wants to plant bamboo trees in our back yard, but I wonder where you buy them, hw easy they are to grow, and if there are any varieties that would grow in central (lower peninsula) Michigan.
Lesley Phillip

Dear Lesley,
You should be able to get bamboo from any good nursery source in your area. They would also be most likely to carry the type of bamboo that will do well for you. Bamboo will definitely grow in your area (it gets VERY cold in China in the mountains).

One big word of caution. Bamboo can become a weed. If you are going to plant it in the ground rather than in a pot you need to dig a trench and put some sort of border in to keep the bamboo from spreading. Bamboo can become extremely invasive and is virtually impossible to get rid of.

If you can't find any at nurseries in your area, they should be able to direct you to mail order sources that can get it for you.

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