About Gardening: Last Year's Bulbs

by Mira Dessy

Hi Ms. Dessy,
I have a postage stamp sized garden. I have a town house with most of the patio having a cement slab, only the borders are available for gardening.

Last fall, I bought some bulbs, but unfortunately, I could not plant them. Can I keep them and plant them next fall or is there some way to start them indoors (or otherwise) and transfer them to my garden.

Dear Somesh,
If you haven't done anything to the bulbs yet they might no longer be viable. If you at least stuck them in dirt and put them in a cool (but not cold) dark place you might be able to still use them. Actually you can plant them in the spring and they will settle themselves in and come up the following spring.

In order to keep bulbs (I have some in my basement right now) you can put them in a pot of dirt. Water well and let it sit inside the warm, light house for 24 hours. Then you can put them in the basement in that cool dark place to sit until you are ready to plant them. For really good information about bulbs I would recommend An American Gardener's World Of Bulbs by Judy Glattstein. Even if you only have a small plot there's still a lot that you can do because different bulbs appear at different seasons of the year.

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