About Gardening: Keeping Indoor Ivy Alive

by Mira Dessy

Dear Mira:
People laugh at me, but I just can't keep ivy growing (don't know the official name). I've a couple at this time received as gifts; the first finally is healthy only after losing (drying up) half of its sprouts -- now I have three fronds(?) of it. The second just received a few weeks ago is looking ugly and dead except for one piece that might make it. This is the basic, supposedly easy-growing ivy. I try to move it, am not over-watering. Any ideas for me? I have other indoor plants that do nicely. Thanks.

Dear Lorraine,
It might be the chemicals that are in your water (if you are on town water). Ivy can be more sensitive to things like that. You might want to let your water sit on the counter overnight and that will get rid of excess chlorine. If that does not help then try repotting it into soil that is more acidic (mix in some peat moss) and see if that helps.

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