Mysterious Plug-Up

by Sherm Turner

Dear Sherm,
Our sewer in the basement has been getting plugged-up lately. We have been using a sewer cleaning service that advertises 24 hour emergency service. After they unplug the sewer and it may take 10 minutes or so. The sewer keeps plugging up again within 12 hours? Please help and advise?

Dear Desperate,
Yes, this is what most sewer cleaning services does. Some firms may unplug and relief the sewer line to make money, in 10 minutes because that is easy. But a good plumber will clean out the sewer thoroughly with the electric sewer machine and change blade sizes.

Sherm Turner is a Master Plumber with over 30 years experience. "Ask the Master Plumber" is his way of encouraging people to help the disabled, elderly, handicapped and children. If you have a question for Sherm, email it to him at:

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