Apartment Vegetable Garden

by Mira Dessy

Dear Mira,
I live in an apartment on the second floor. Can I grow any veggies in a window box? I love tomatoes, bell peppers, and carrots, and herbs would be better fresh than the bottled variety I now use. If not, do you have any advice on where to get low-priced, but not low-quality veggies? Any advice you could give would be very much appreciated.
Amber N.

Dear Amber,
Yes you can definitely grow veggies in containers. For the window-box style you will need to consider how big the plant and its related produce get. For example, I would probably not do tomatoes or cucumbers in a window box. However, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, carrots, radishes, bush beans, and those sorts of vegetables, not to mention all sorts of lovely herbs should do well in a window box. For the larger things like tomatoes you might want to consider doing those in a container inside the apartment, near the window. As long as it gets enough light you shouldn't have a problem. And since it's inside you can trellis it any way you want. You would have a lovely "living wall" near your window that would probably be an interesting conversation piece as well as a great source of fresh produce.

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