What Mom Would Like for Mother's Day

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Creatively Simple, Inexpensive Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Some Time

For Mother's Day, I would like one day to myself. I'm a stay at home mom. I love my children and my husband dearly; however, I am also an introvert and need time by myself. I can dream.

It's Homemade

I have two daughters. They are 12 and 14. Now that they are out of elementary school, I miss the presents that where made in class. I don't want money spent on me for Mother's Day. I only want something made from the heart (and a clean house). I always thought what a big hassle it was to go out to eat for Mother's Day. I think the perfect meal out would be the life size cut outs of the family members and myself seated around a table. That way, it would be nice and quiet. There would be mo fighting or disagreements and it would only be a fraction of the cost.
Melanie A. in Columbus, OH

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Some Thoughts

Here are some of my Mother's Day wishes:

  • Pictures of the children with their children. We are so far away from them, so I always want pictures.

  • Clothes or a gift certificate to JCPenneys, Sears, Wal-Mart, or K-Mart.

  • The latest kitchen gadget. Those of us on fixed incomes don't indulge in them.

  • The latest in software.

Ruth near Lake Tahoe

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Outside...or In

I would like to have patio furniture and flowering plants, but most of all, I would like the family to clean up after themselves.

An 8-Hour Vacation

For Mother's Day, I would like to spend the day with my family for eight hours and not have to do anything. As a new SAHM, I do get fatigued by a job that never ends. An eight-hour vacation from the dishes, decisions, clutter-control, and daily tasks of life would be a dream come true! No money needs to be spent, and nothing needs to be wrapped. I would just like to have a vacation day with the most important people in the world, my family!
Karen T.

Mother's Day Gift Idea: For My Garden

Hi! I know I would appreciate perennials for my landscaping/garden. Things such as Lupines, Iris, Daylilies, Daisies, etc. are not as expensive as a shrub would be. Or to even spend some time with me in the garden, take a walk together, just to spend some quality time together, or even an IOU to do something together.

Three Possibilities

Three possibles popped into my mind:

  1. I would like a lightweight, inexpensive replacement for a wheelbarrow. I've been using a plastic toboggan for a few years, but as I get older, the loads of dirt & stones are almost impossible to drag.

  2. A new feather pillow would be great. Somebody got sick on my last one years ago and I've been using a cushion snagged from an old wicker chair.

  3. A coupon towards new walking shoes, and company to help me pick them out. I have to walk a lot for my health, and walking shoes with good support aren't cheap any more. But most of all, I need motivation to tackle the mall to get them, as I don't like going.

Of course, none of us have any money, so I hope to get hugs from the kids and grandkids in town.

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