Natural Bug Control

by Mira Dessy

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Dear Mira,
This makes a good bug spray for plants. One cup of each of the following in 2 gallon pressure sprayer:

  • Dawn dish washing detergent
  • No name window spray
  • Tobacco juice (Make this by putting a generous clump of chewing tobacco in a pint jar of water, and let it remain overnight. Strain prior to putting in with remaining ingredients.)
  • Fill remaining space in sprayer with water

Spray generously on plants.

Dear Stan,
Thank you for sharing the following bug spray remedy (for plants, not people). I have not heard of this one.

I worked in the interior/exterior plantscape business during the transitional period of the late 1980's when we all realized that pesticides were not good! We found a product called "Pepper Wax" which works really well on many bug problems. I believe a company called Southwest Products manufactures it. It started out as a natural plant food and people working with it, discovered that it was a good bug repellent. It can't be used on fuzzy plants (African Violets) but can be used on almost any plant with a solid leaf surface.
Gina M.

Dear Gina,
Thank you for sharing information about this product. Apparently there are lots of "bug experts" out there and I thank you (and the others) for taking the time to share what you know about different products.

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