About Gardening: First Time Vegetable Garden

by Mira Dessy

Hi! I would like to grow 3 or 4 different vegetables in large plant pots outside this summer. I have never had a garden before, and would like to start with something easy. What would you suggest? I have plenty of sun and shade, and am looking for good-to-eat vegetables.
Jami U.

Dear Jami,
If you want to plant vegetables in large pots I would suggest the following: tomatoes, peas, beans, lettuce (many different kinds). I would plant the tomatoes, peas and beans in separate pots. Then you could plant lettuce around them or basil. Then you add nasturtiums for a little color (and nasturtiums are edible, tasty in salad). With the tomatoes, peas and beans you will need to make it a big pot and to make sure there is room for some sort of a stake or put the pot near a trellis to make sure it has enough room. As an example I have one pot outside that has a cherry tomato, three oregano plants and three marigold plants in it. I will be able to each the tomatoes as they ripen (my kids think they are like candy), use the oregano for cooking and grilling, and admire the color in the marigolds. At the end of the growing season I will cut off the the tomato plant to soil level; leaving the roots in the pot so that removing them won't disturb anything else. Let the oregano continue to grow, and then maybe next year put a different flower in it if there is room. If there isn't room I will at least have a pot of oregano to add interest to my garden.

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