The Champion Cheapskate Test

by Arthur A. Hawkins II

Take this quick Champion Cheapskate Test:

  1. Do you take advantage of FREE-bies: web sites, push technology, e-mail, software, online trading & pricing services, frequent flyer miles, samples, etc.?
  2. Are you leveraging your buying power with others and pooling your money in co-ops?
  3. When is the last time you searched closets, attics and basements for hidden treasures and long-forgotten essentials?
  4. Would you rather spend money (buy)? OR Repair, Restore, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle?
  5. Do you volunteer, test-taste, test-drive, answer surveys, etc.?
  6. Are you careful about what you reveal about yourself and to whom?
  7. Do you examine and read everything carefully, first (especially the fine print)? Or are you a frequent victim who is scammed and slammed?
  8. How well do you know your consumer rights? really?
  9. Do you pay with credit card, cash or check?
  10. Do you learn refund and return policies before you buy?
  11. Do you investigate companies, products and services before you purchase?
  12. Do you ask friends, family and associates for product/service referrals and recommendations?
  13. Are you selling or donating (tax write-off) unwanted goods instead of throwing them away?
  14. You trust advertising and salespeople, don't you?
  15. Do you get all claims, warranties and guarantees in writing?
  16. Do you shop in the right places (online, warehouses, buyers' clubs, discount stores, mail order, etc.)?
  17. Are you getting discounts, negotiating and comparison shopping?
  18. Do you know when to shop (sales, specials, seasons, etc.)?
  19. Do you know what sellers pay (dealer cost) and their typical markups?
  20. If you feel you were wronged, ripped off or taken advantage of, do you complain LOUDLY (to the right sources)?

Arthur A. Hawkins II is a Northwestern University-educated author of the best selling book The Self-Employment Resource Guide and dozens of money articles.

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