About Gardening: Slugs (Yech!)

by Mira Dessy

I have a terrible slug problem. We live in a trailer park bordering a bird refuge. I have a little area for a garden surrounding the deck and have planted several times. The slugs eat my new starts and the ants move my bean seeds. I have taken to going out in the evening and picking slugs. I even bought some slug bait. It works fairly well for a while and then wears off. Hand-picking the slugs is my best solution so far. Do you have any recipes for homemade slug repellent?

Dear R.C.
There are some really effective ways to get rid of slugs. One, of course, is hand picking. It's not pleasant, but it works. The other is to put out a pan of beer. They are attracted to it and climb in. The object is to use a pan and enough beer to drown them. This is not pleasant to clean out, but it's better than having all of your produce shredded. The third is to place copper tape around the plants. The tape should be wide enough that they can't cross it. Every time they try, they receive an electrical shock as their system reacts with the copper. Although the tape is somewhat expensive (I don't remember exact costs off the top of my head), it is effective and reusable.

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