The Frugal Decorator: Turn an Unused Drawer into a Shelf

by Leah Wynne

My bed is made of wood and it has two drawers underneath it: two drawers I never use, even though I always complain about the lack of storage space we have. I finally took the two drawers out and removed the bottom part, leaving the actual frame of the drawer intact. I hung them on the wall side by side. One drawer holds knick-knacks and the other holds my tapes.

The drawers were the perfect depth for my tapes, but a lot of vertical space was wasted because the tapes are only 4 or 5 inches tall. What I did was drill two 1/4" holes side by side on each side of the drawer. Then I threaded 1/4" doweling through the two holes and now have another ledge upon which to put my tapes.

Leah works part-time at a home-decorating store and practices frugal living on a daily basis.

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